Spectrecom tries to give as much help and backing as possible to charitable causes and organisations – whether that’s by offering our video production services at discounted rates, or via the in-house initiatives which encourage our staff to get involved with good causes.

However we also undertake one larger project each year where we devote a more significant chunk of our time and resources, entirely free of charge, to helping a charity located close to our Waterloo Film Studios site. And in 2012 that project was on behalf of the Fostering Network, as part of its ‘22 Minutes’ campaign.

Working on evenings and weekends, we donated kit, crew and studio space to help the Fostering Network create a series of videos featuring real-life foster carers (including Spectrecom’s very own Pearl Cotterell) testifying as to the benefits that role can bring, with the aim of encouraging more people to follow their example.

Based around the statistic that every 22 minutes in the UK, a child comes into care in need of a foster family, the ’22 Minutes’ campaign has proven a great success, with its dedicated website having received 8,000 visits so far, and the videos themselves having been watched more than 7,000 times.

‘22 Minutes’ was named as Third Sector’s Digital Campaign of the Week, and it also helped to attract a record number of enquiries to Fosterline England from prospective carers during the Network’s Foster Care Fortnight.

Held over two weeks in May, this year’s Foster Care Fortnight was the most successful ever: it generated coverage across more than 1,000 media outlets, it raised awareness and, as already noted, it increased enquiries from potential carers (8% in total on the previous year, and 22% in the number of prospective foster carers, with enquiry rates from the latter going up 70% in May 2012).

What’s more, 45% of fostering service members who responded to the Fostering Network’s survey noted that they had witnessed an increase in enquiries following Foster Care Fortnight.

Spectrecom’s contribution to the campaign has been lauded as “huge” by Phil Jacob, Funding and Development Manager at the Fostering Network, who also remarked “It wouldn’t have been possible without your support.”

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