The world is changing. We live in an era where smaller, more agile companies, powered by youth and bright ideas, are able to punch way above their weight. Spectrecom recently filmed with one such hotshot start-up as part of our ‘Home of Innovation’ trilogy for Cardiff University.

We were chosen as the production company Cardiff wanted to produce ‘The Home of Innovation’: a series of three online videos highlighting the university’s commitment to embedding innovation within all its activities, whether they involve its students, academics, researchers or partners.

Earlier in the week we brought you a first look at the series, in the shape of the video aimed at potential corporate partners and outlining the exciting plans for the new £300 million Cardiff Innovation Campus.

Today we’re looking at the video targeted at the current Cardiff student populace.

The aim of this video was to educate and enthuse students about the range of entrepreneurial opportunities available to them, including mentorship and business support.

In order to get the message across, we suggested filming a profile piece with a recent student who is already turning their start-up dream into reality.

That student turned out to be George Pearce, the frighteningly youthful founder and managing director of IAMP Media, a company which works with a global customer base to build, manage and host websites and software.

George has had a love of web development from a young age, first taking a serious interest in it back in 2006. It was an interest he continued to pursue when he enrolled at Cardiff University to study Physics.

After graduating in 2013, he decided to turn his passion into a career, initially running IAMP Media from his spare bedroom.

Since spring 2014, the company has enjoyed startling growth, expanding from George on his own to a team which is now six-strong.

That’s probably a few too many to be comfortably accommodated in George’s spare room, so the company has necessarily and very happily moved to its own unit in the Cardiff Business Technology Centre in Cathays, just a stone’s throw away from the university.

For the video, we wanted to bring out George’s journey from his initial idea to business success, and we also wanted to give a sense of him as an individual, not just an interviewee.

In terms of achieving the latter, that’s why we chose the sound-bite at the top of this blogpost to open the video. It’s also why we don’t just film him arriving at the office; we first show him leaving his home, walking his local neighbourhood.

And in terms of showcasing his journey, that’s why George doesn’t just talk about the support he received from Cardiff and its Innovation Centre; he is also open about the existential challenges he and his company have faced along the way.

As per the other videos in the series, the main players from Spectrecom were director Matt Farman and producer Laura Merrett. Well done to them and all others involved. And look out for the final part of the trilogy on the blog next week.

Spectrecom Films is one of the UK’s leading video production companies for higher education film and video content. 

If you’ve got a video project you’re keen to speak to us about, get in touch with Kathy or Oliver, our account managers for universities.

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