We’re often told this is the connected age. Smartphones, tablets, global communications – they’re all part and parcel of 21st century life. But what actually makes this worldwide network tick? And where do wafers and Cardiff University fit into the mix?

Let’s start with the wafers – we’re talking semiconductor wafers here.

What’s a semiconductor?

Put very simply, it’s a unique arrangement of atoms able to carry information more quickly than silicon. Semiconductors are very efficient at carrying electricity and converting it into light.

What this all means is that semiconductor technology is pivotal to our everyday lives – whether in mobile phones, the optical fibres used in internet connections, in data centres, satellite comms or a lot more besides.

So with semiconductors explained (sort of), what about Cardiff University’s role in all this?

Well, one of the leading global manufacturers of semiconductors is the Cardiff-based firm IQE. It supplies semiconductor wafer products that its clients then make into chips for use in a wide array of hi-tech applications.

IQE enjoys a long-standing relationship with Cardiff University – and that partnership is set to strengthen in the next few years, as they collaborate on the establishment of the UK’s first-ever semiconductor cluster.

A key part of this cluster will be the Institute for Compound Semiconductors, which in turn is part of Cardiff University’s new £300 million Innovation Campus.

Spectrecom Films previously came into contact with the Innovation Campus earlier in the year, when our video production services were called upon to create a series of videos profiling the university’s powerful culture of innovation.

And we were delighted to be invited back to produce a further suite of video content showcasing the facilities which will comprise the new campus.

We’ll bring you a look at the rest of those videos here on this blog in due course. But for today, we’re focusing on the Institute for Compound Semiconductors.


The Institute will help position Cardiff at the cutting edge of semiconductor research, where new innovations can be most effectively translated into industry application.

The video was shot on location in Cardiff, and features Drew Nelson (president and chief executive of IQE) and Professor Diana Huffaker (who has joined Cardiff University as its Chairwoman in Advanced Engineering and Materials).

Well done to all the team involved in its making, especially Matt Farman (director) and Laura Merrett (producer).

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