Its time for another video production of The Apprentice, the show that is the same year after endless year but somehow still remains totally watchable. If the whole thing is wearing a little thin for you then try following Brian Butterfield on Twitter, his live tweets and business tips make the whole thing a lot more palatable and certainly add the to amusement. So who have we got this year? A cupcake shop owner, a Mexican food entrepreneur, a historian, a doctor and a make-up brand owner and someone who models himself on Napoleon.

Apparently the first episode sees the intrepid candidates attempting to shift the contents of some storage containers from Essex, with the BBC seemingly trying to cash in on some Storage Wars fans to aid those decreasing viewing figures.

What are we looking forward to? The product advertising & marketing tasks of course! Where the candidate’s pitiful creative skills are strained and broken as they bicker over directorial duties, fonts, colours and who gets to present the unpolished turd to the poor judges.

We can only hope that there will be some moments of quality like this:

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