A nice example of the art of the tourism video comes to us from British Columbia, with Canada’s most westerly province using a simple skip back through time to tell just one small story of what makes it such a great place to visit.

Entitled ‘Come to Your Senses – Taste’, the BC film seems to take its initial cue from the ever-popular Live the Language series of videos, with nice typography and a very upbeat feel.

It soon shoots off in its own direction, however, as the trigger of the couple ordering some swanky seafood in a Vancouver eatery segues into the story of how that fishy goodness reached the lovebirds’ table.

Making use of an upbeat, originally-composed soundtrack, the film has a nice, natural mini-documentary feel to it, rather than being too cheesily corporate. Check it out for yourself below…

Spectrecom has lent its video production prowess to marketing crusades from myriad travel and leisure clients. 

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