Here’s one from the company ‘Did You Know?’ files: Video production company Spectrecom is named after SPECTRE, the many-tentacled criminal organisation from our MD Andrew’s favourite big screen saga, the James Bond series.

Which means there’s always more than a soupcon of interest round these ‘ere parts when a new 007 film rears its impeccably groomed head on the horizon of forthcoming releases.

And while there’s still a sizeable wait in prospect for those looking forward to the as-yet untitled 24th Bond movie, there is already noticeable behind-the-scenes movement from series producers EON and studio backers MGM and Sony as they seek to put together a team that can sequel the record-breaking success of last year’s Skyfall.

The majority of the attention has thus far focused on the name that will be stencilled on the back of the director’s chair when Bond 24 does eventually go before the cameras. Because initially it looked as if Skyfall helmer Sam Mendes had ruled himself out of a return to the series, owing to other commitments including a theatrical adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Plenty of big names were thrown into the maelstrom of speculation as to who would replace Mendes – Ang Lee, Nicolas Winding Refn and confirmed 007 fan Christopher Nolan amongst them. However an article by Deadline last week indicated that Mendes WOULD after all take charge of Bond 24, with the rumour being that he will be signing up for not one, but two further adventures.

Assuming this does indeed happen and Daniel Craig does indeed play Bond in both those movies, that would take the actor up to five outings as 007 – one more than Pierce Brosnan managed, and the same number achieved by Sean Connery before he quit the role (for the first time, at least…).

But who might Craig be playing opposite in Bond 24? Well, one major casting rumour has surfaced today, with reports on Yahoo! UK and in The Daily Mail (solid sources both…) suggesting that Oscar-winner Penélope Cruz is in line to become the latest in the very long line of Bond girls.

Cruz already has a link to the series, with her partner Javier Bardem having, of course, played a major part in the success of Skyfall via his turn as that movie’s unhinged antagonist, Raoul Silva.

Lots is (slightly depressingly) already being made of the fact that Cruz would be the oldest Bond girl, but despite the fact that her last blockbuster outing in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie was pretty lacklustre, she’d surely make a fabulous addition to 007 movie history. Here’s her in one of her best roles, in Pedro Almodóvar’s noir-inflected melodrama Broken Embraces.

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