Those of you who’ve been paying attention will know we do a great deal of work with many of the universities dotted up and down these oft-rain soaked isles. True story. One of the most recent to team up with us is the University of Bedfordshire, and the first filmic fruit of that relationship has just gone online.

Having made the decision to refresh its video content, following changes in key personnel and significant new investment in facilities, the University of Bedfordshire selected Spectrecom as the production company to take up the challenge.

The resultant film is titled ‘Where will you study?’, and is a fast-paced, sharply-edited rush of imagery and music (the latter is a track called Chemicals, provided by Various Cruelties). Take a look for yourself below…

We’re really pleased with how the film has turned out, and Bedfordshire seem very happy too. In fact, Bedfordshire’s Hannah Park says that Spectrecom ‘have been the best production company I’ve ever worked with’. We’re blushing…

To give some credit to the Spectrecommers who toiled hard to make the project a reality, the directors were Ben Franklin and Peter Ford, and the producer was Florence Hill.

It was shot by James Adair and Dan Miles, and Alex Kerr and Laura Merrett serving as camera assistant and production assistant respectively. Rich Butterworth cut it all together, and Tiago Higgs added those sparkling graphical flourishes. Well done all.

With over 30 UK universities as clients, Spectrecom is a leader in student recruitment filmmaking. Take a look at our higher education showreel to see why.

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