Another day, another hyper-expensive piece of World Cup video content. Except this one, for Beats by Dre, isn’t actually allowed to explicitly mention the World Cup, as the firm isn’t an official sponsor of the soon-to-kick-off soccer extravaganza. But we know that’s what they’re getting at, right?

Beats by Dre already has an established format for its football commercials: exemplified by the moody Cesc Fabregas El Clásico spot from earlier in the year, it involves one or more of the game’s superstars using their chunky headphones to block out the pre-match mania around them, and get in that perfect mindset to perform at their peak out on the pitch.

The new video, The Game Before the Game, doesn’t so much build on that concept as it does just elongate it, with reams of additional players (including Neymar, Chicharito, Sagna, Sturridge and Schweinsteiger) and some cameos (including Rio Ferdinand and Thierry Henry).

It’s hardly an original thought to juxtapose the big names of the game with the ‘real fans’, and the spot runs to the same kind of patience-testing duration as World Cup videos from Nike and Samsung. However, The Game Before the Game is a good deal more elegant than those.

By taking a more documentary-style approach, the footballers aren’t expected to transform from charisma vacuums into movie stars; instead they just need to repeat the familiar routine of walking down a stadium corridor with their Beats headphones on – and, in the case of Neymar, a baseball cap bearing his own name. Much easier, eh lads?

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