What new heights, though, is British Airways’ latest video soaring to?

New heights of quality? After all, the ad is certainly a polished affair.

Or new heights of pretentiousness – with a passenger presented as being beatifically at one with the clouds? Akin to that turn down pretentious turnpike in movie The Fountain, where one-time Waterloo Film studios visitor Hugh Jackman turns into a giant floating space baby.

Up to you to decide, really.

The new video, entitled ‘Today. Tomorrow.’, is based around all the work put in by BA to ensure a blissful flight for its passengers – embodied here in a designer-stubbled moptop racing to be reunited with his MILF.

Making use of a fashionable macro filming and match-cutting style to get its point across, to say the ad lacks the fun of the recent Qatar Airways/FC Barcelona video is like saying the England football team lack the technical ability to succeed in the latter stages of a major tournament: it’s a fact as stone cold as a gunslinger’s tombstone.

Still, playing on the company’s ‘To Fly, To Serve’ slogan of the last couple of years, the ad once again reaffirms BA’s position as ideological nemesis of Ryanair, whose boss Michael O’Leary was just last year grumping that “the problem with aviation is that for 50 years it’s been populated by people who think it’s this wondrous sexual experience when really it’s just a bloody bus with wings.”

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