On Wednesday night, the EVCOM Clarion Awards 2015 were held at the Seven Dials Club in Covent Garden. We were lucky enough to be nominated for 5 awards, two films nominated for ‘Community Engagement/Social Enterprise (Film)’ category and a film each nominated in the ‘Social (Film)’, ‘Environmental (Film)’ and ‘Celebratory (Film)’ categories.

And amazingly, we swept the floor and won two Golds, one for ‘Social (Film)’ AND another ‘Environmental’ categories for the Tusk Trust 25th Anniversary film.

Tusk Trust 25th Anniversary film also won Silver for ‘Celebratory (Film)’ and ‘Community Engagement/Social Enterprise (Film)’ categories.

A film we produced for Delete Blood Cancer, ‘What Are You Made Of?’, also won the Highly Commended award in the ‘Community Engagement and/Social Enterprise’ category.

A big well done to everyone involved in the film production process for Tusk and Delete Blood Cancer!

Laura Merrett and Arthur Briggs

Awards Wall

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