The technology behind interactive online video is moving forward in leaps and bounds, case in point indie music juggernauts Arcade Fire and their latest music video production.The video for the track ‘Just A Reflektor’ was made in conjunction with Unit9 and the Google Creative Lab’s Data Arts team and as such doesn’t play out like your usual video clip. Playing the video on Chrome gives you the opportunity to use your mobile phone to manipulate the clip in real-time as it plays. You can transform a series of lighting effects, video transitions and alternate angles

Check out this video for an explanation of the technological wizardry behind the clip:

Its certainly good to see the boundaries of the music video production format being pushed and especially in a month where we’ve seen the overly heavy-handed Miley Cyrus video get a metric tonne of views this Arcade Fire project gives hope to those who believe view-counts and Vevo have ruined the fine art of the music video.

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