Spectrecom Films is a video production company with a whole host of strengths. We operate our own studio complex. We have a talented in-house team of filmmakers and producers. And we have fantastic film cameras and kit at our disposal.

We’re also a film company with a strong track record in animation and motion graphics. We’ve created kinetic text, visual effects and full 3D animations for clients including American Express, BMW, the Universities of Loughborough and Roehampton, Anglian Water and BNY Mellon.

In addition, we regularly work on projects which use graphics and animation to augment live-action filmed elements.

To give a couple of examples, the film at the top of this blogpost was made by us on behalf of SEGA, in order to promote ‘The Last Stand’, the new arcade entry into the massively successful Plants vs. Zombies series.

Spectrecom shot the filmed scenes on location, before the animation team got to work to create that wonderfully characterful vine. The result is a super-fun promo for the game, and a beautifully-made film in its own right.

That was an obviously creative project, but we’ve also used animation to add an extra gear to more corporate work – for instance, the recent series we created for the British Council USA.

For that project, a large cast of leading academics visited our London film studios and were filmed against a white backdrop. Graphics and kinetic text were then animated onto that backdrop, bringing their words to life.

By taking this approach, the series has more of a contemporary feel overall, and is much more watchable than had the interviews simply been filmed and edited.

If you’re eager to learn more about Spectrecom’s pedigree in delivering high-end animation, then take a look at our Animation and Motion Graphics page.

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