Italian fashion giant Prada is building a rep for hiring top movie talent to create its brand films: last year it was Roman Polanski; now it’s the turn of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola.

Anderson and Coppola are long-time collaborators, with their last outing together being the Oscar-nominated script for the former’s Moonrise Kingdom. Coppola, a director in his own right whose newest movie is the Charlie Sheen-starring Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, has also previously shot second unit for Anderson.

Their new team-up is on a trio of Prada short films, to introduce the label’s Candy L’Eau perfume. Though, as you might expect from a ménage a trois of high-budget high-fashion mini-movies, there isn’t much of a hard sell.

Instead you get something like Anderson and Coppola’s answer to You, Me and Dupree, with the co-directors reimagining that three’s company gentle-com in the kind of ‘60s Gallic-cool setting that informed the same duo’s ad for Stella Artois a few years back, and also Coppola’s 2001 feature debut, CQ.

The stars of the ads are big-haired pair Peter Gadiot and Rodolphe Pauly, along with Lourdes and Midnight in Paris actress Léa Seydoux, while the tone is entirely whimsical, in exactly the vein which alternately charms and irks admirers and detractors of Anderson in particular.

You can watch the full set of shorts below…

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