As you might expect, plenty of members of the Spectrecom Films team take their kit pretty seriously.

A pleasure then for those equipment fetishists, on this fine Monday morn, to see German firm Ambient has just unveiled two beautiful videos which highlight the craft behind two of its products: the Quickpole and the TinyMike.

As the name suggests, the Quickpole is an Ambient-made boompole. The video shows off its manufacture with the same kind of moody atmospherics that made the title sequence to David Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so sumptuous a treat for the eyes.

Less elaborate a video but still cool as hell, the macro-tastic pack shot for the TinyMike shows off the DSLR-friendly shotgun microphone in terrific fashion.

With our own film studios here in Waterloo, Spectrecom Films is the perfect partner if you’re looking to create stunning pack shots which show off your product at its very best. To find out how to get in touch, take a look at the pack shots page of our website.

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