We’re all hoping for a vintage World Cup, but the video marketing around the 2014 competition has left something to be desired.

Forget the glories of Nike’s ’98 airport ad starring Ronaldo and his samba brothers. Forget 2002’s Secret Tournament, directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Eric Cantona as a mercurial MC. And forget the fantastic Write the Future micro-epic from the last World Cup four years ago.

This time round, most of the big brands have elected to go a light-hearted route with their video content, with results as mixed as those the England football team are likely to produce over the coming few weeks.

Nike’s Risk Everything is a particular disappointment from a brand which normally excels at this kind of mega-event advertising; it’s been left by Beats by Dre to fly the flag for quality.

Adidas has its own World Cup ad, which we’ve previously covered on the blog, but it’s also just produced a new video under its All In Or Nothing tag which defiantly ignores the World Cup, most notably in that features four soccer superstars who definitely WON’T be lighting up the pitches of Brazil.

The quartet are Zinedine Zidane (retired), David Beckham (retired), Gareth Bale (country didn’t qualify) and PSG hot-shot Lucas Moura (wasn’t picked), and the video finds them hanging out together (as they all surely do perfectly naturally) before getting involved in an elaborate game of indoor footy.

As you’d expect, the German sportswear giant doubtless spent a few quid on the spot. But when you’re relying on national treasure Becks as your best actor, you know you’re in as much trouble as an England coach relying on Emile Heskey to grab him a goal.

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