Last summer saw Spectrecom create a brand new online film for the University of Aberdeen. Launched in July, it’s been a massive popular success, with 86,000 YouTube views and counting.

However when our Aberdeen dream team of Peter Ford, Matt Farman and Kieron Hodges shot that film, they also produced a second, rather special film, which is at last online for all to see, enjoy, and yes, participate in themselves.

That’s because the new production, which trades under the same ‘Come Here, Go Anywhere’ banner as the other film, is fully interactive. Just go to the webpage,, put in your name and address, and sit back and marvel at a fully personalised video experience.

And if you haven’t yet watched our first Aberdeen film, well, you can correct that egregious oversight right now, as we’ve thoughtfully embedded it just below. You. Are. Welcome.

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