Student recruitment films are a real speciality for Spectrecom. We work with a wide array of UK universities, including Sussex, Durham, King’s College London, and Lancaster, to name but a handful. One of our newer clients in this sector is the University of Aberdeen, and we’re pleased indeed to report that a new film we produced on their behalf has proven a stirring success.

In late spring, film crew par excellence and our very own answer to the Three Amigos, Kieran Hodges, Matt Farman and Peter Ford, travelled north to Aberdeen for the better part of a week’s filming.

On day one, the van broke down, stranding them next to a nine-hole golf course, but they did eventually reach their destination and get down to serious work. And one of the fruits of that shoot was a new overview film designed to introduce an online audience to the University of Aberdeen.

Eschewing talking head interview setups in favour of a light, sunny feel (enhanced by the soundtrack), the film manages to take in Aberdeen’s history, academia, research, sports, plus beaches and bars, giving a fantastic snapshot of what the University has to offer – all in the space of just two wordless minutes.

Uploaded to YouTube four months ago, the film has been viewed more than 20,000 times so far, attracting positive feedback from Aberdeen themselves and viewers too, with over 100 ‘likes’ already.

And if you’ll permit us just one more tootle of our own trumpet, we recently conducted research into the YouTube offerings of all 116 institutions which comprise the Complete University Guide’s rankings, and found that of all the overview films uploaded in the last few months (about 20 in total), Aberdeen’s has proven the most popular in terms of views.

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