The last 12 months have seen Spectrecom team up with a whole host of UK university clients – both old and new alike. Oodles of fresh films have been produced as a result of those partnerships. What follows the first in a two-part look back at just some of those projects, and the results they achieved.

1. The University of East London
Remember August last year, and all the excitement of London 2012? Well, just a sliver of that excitement was channelled into the brand new clearing film we delivered for UEL, a client we’ve worked with several times previously.

The United States Olympic Committee was based at UEL’s docklands campus for the whole of London 2012, and members of USOC took centre-stage in the film, providing terrific testimony as to the drive which underpins the University and convinced them to make it their base during the Games.

Dynamic graphics styled after UEL’s Ambition is Contagious branding gave the film an added sheen.

The film helped UEL meet its clearing recruitment target, and it also helped the University attract its highest-ever number of AAB students.

2. Middlesex University
Fast-forward to 2013, and in February we delivered our first film for Middlesex University – taking a conceptual approach to do so.

Entitled Spelling Out Our Qualities, the film tells the complete story of this ambitious institution in very concise way, through the words of students, graduates and academics alike.

Throw in some stonking high-end graphics, mix the components into a liquid-smooth montage, and what you’re left with is something that really stands out in the field of UK student recruitment films.

3. The University of Bedfordshire
A month on from Middlesex, at the start of what surely must have been the most frostbitten March since the heyday of the woolly mammoth, and the University of Bedfordshire launched its first Spectrecom-produced film.

Going by the name Where Will You Study?, it blends whip-crack editing and a commercial soundtrack to great effect.

Time will tell as to how the film performs in terms of achieving its objectives, but early indications are very promising indeed, with more than 12,000 views since it appeared online.

Take a look at some more of our student recruitment work, including our showreel.

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