What do you get when you cross a Sony FS700 camera, lots of match-sticks and a small group of very creative people? Well, we at Spectrecom found that out when we unleashed three of our most talented video production Cameramen into our studios to test-drive our brand new FS700.

Matt Farman, James Adair and Peter Ford shot at various frame rates with this dexterous piece of technology, going up to a maximum of 240fps to maintain HD resolution. From there, when we climb to 480fps we found that the resolution drops (though still acceptable), and it is in fact possible to reach 900fps, but after that resolution loss is a real problem.

We brought in the FS700 to handle our super slow-motion work over something like the Red because the former produces cleaner footage even though it is more cost-effective. The Red (when one goes above 120fps) uses a crop of the sensor, which softens the image.

Check the video below to see exactly why the FS700 is better. And don’t forget, it’s locked and loaded ready for your super slow motion shoot with Spectrecom right now.

FS700 MACRO TEST: The Lonesome Valley from Matthew Farman on Vimeo.

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