With David Bowie’s own new video, The Next Day, and a very special cover of his first hit, Space Oddity, both tearing up the viral charts, today seems fine a time as any to look back for this ‘ere blog of this ‘ere video production company at some of the more offbeat musical tributes to the Thin White Duke.

5. Space Oddity (as performed by Commander Chris Hadfield)

With Chris Hadfield about to return to Earth following a stint aboard the International Space Station, he has just released a video of him performing Space Oddity, in what is the first-ever music video produced in space (well, that we puny humans know about anyway…)

4. Fashion (as performed by Legs & Co)

Bowie’s early ‘80s single Fashion received a performance mauling in last year’s fairly heinous Olympics closing ceremony, courtesy of a bevy of cheek-sucking supermodels. And the track fared just as badly on its initial release, when Top of the Pops’ then-resident dance troupe, Legs & Co, offered their er, unique interpretation. Bonus points for the least down-with-the-kids presenter in telly history.

3. Space Oddity (as performed by Adam Sandler)

When Adam Sandler released the movie Mr. Deeds in 2002, it was criticised as a pretty feeble spin on the Frank Capra classic on which it was loosely based. But Capra wasn’t the only artist whose work received a Sandler savaging, as the film also included a brief but bizarre burst of Bowie.

2. The Man Who Sold the World (as performed by Lulu)

One of Bowie’s pre-fame gems, Man Who Sold the World was memorably reinterpreted by Nirvana for MTV Unplugged. However long before that well-received reprise, the song was also covered by Lulu, who delivered the lyric in the laser-eyed manner of a android kill-bot headlining at Butlins.

1. Modern Love (as performed by David Bowie & Tina Turner)

The release of Let’s Dance in 1983 saw Bowie finally crossing over to the kind of mainstream success that had mums humming along to him on the radio. He subsequently recast himself as something of a Svengali to Tina Turner, which led to them co-starring together in this charmingly demented Pepsi commercial.

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