Welcome to the inaugural edition of #5FTW (that’s 5 for the win for you uninitiated internet users out there). This feature gives us the chance to show you some of the best we’ve seen from the wider world of video production. Depending on who will be curating it you best get prepared for some pretty eclectic lists and be sure to look forward to the inevitable 5FTW John Carpenter Soundtracks and 5FTW characters in the LOTR Trilogy. We’re starting you off easy today though in celebration of Old Spice’s latest edition to the viral advertising roster – Mr Wolfdog. Here’s the five best Old Spice ads, in no particular order.

1. Mr Wolfdog

Its the new kid on the block but this one is bound to be a classic. Combining a Keyboard Cat style framework with the Dog/Human vocals from Pixar’s Up we can’t wait to see what Proctor & Gamble’s latest executive gets up to next.

2. Hawk-Goat

The Hawkridge spot was already pretty good, but the team at Old Spice team really took it over the top when they added a little Vitamin Goat, giving the Internet exactly what it wants.

3. Terry Crews

The awesome power of Terry Crews featuring the directorial abilities of Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim this series was brain bustingly good, it even managed to interrupt other P&G ads.

4. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The original of the Isiah Mustafa crop and arguably the best. Started a massive advertising trend of copycats the most shameless perhaps being an appalling ad for the Sun’s infamous third page.

5. Experience Is Everything

Hail to the King – Take it away Bruce Cambell for the ultimate pep talk for men.

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