After a wait of seven years, a new Superman movie, Man of Steel, arrives in cinemas this June.

That flick is tipped to be one of the big hits of 2013, but public devotion to the big blue boy scout doesn’t just manifest itself in advance ticket sales. Oh no. The internet is positively awash with videos which pay tribute to Superman in their own various ways. Here are five of the best.

Oh, and before we start, if you reckon we’ve missed any, let us know via Twitter @spectrecom and be sure to use the hashtag #5FTW. Ta!

5. Man of Steel – Title Sequence
The clip which inspired this particular countdown, Los Angeles-based video production company Will & Tale posted their own Man of Steel opening credits last week, and promptly saw the made-for-fun sequence soar to nearly 300,000 views.

4. Superman Classic
Created by animator Rob Pratt, whose prior credits include Disney’s Tarzan and Pocahontas, the Superman Classic mini-movies are gorgeously-rendered tributes to both the character’s comic book roots and the ground-breaking Fleischer Brothers cartoons of the ‘40s.

3. Superman: Requiem
Yeah, so this is a bit of an odd one: a full-length, unofficial Superman feature film, it was shot mostly in London, and features a cameo from Pat Sharp.

Yes, THAT Pat Sharp – host of ITV gunge-classic Fun House and UK Mullet-Wearer of the Year from 1986 through to 1992. Watch and marvel.

2. Kevin Smith talks about Superman
Smith was engaged as screenwriter on the mid-90s attempt to revive the Son of Jor-El’s cinematic fortunes, in a movie based on the then-current comic book storyline, The Death and Return of Superman.

This clip is Smith’s eminently entertaining recollection of the whole episode, with most of the yuks coming at the expense of veteran Hollywood producer Jon Peters.

1. The Death and Return of Superman
Speaking of that demise and revive story arc… here’s a turbo-charged fanboy rant on the subject from Max Landis, screenwriter of found-footage superhero film Chronicle, with a little help from a few celebrity pals.

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