In the halls of the humble video agency that is Spectrecom, there’s lots of antcipation for The World’s End, the fast-approaching finale of the Cornetto / Blood & Ice-Cream trilogy. Given that, we wanted to champion director Edgar Wright’s opus by celebrating some of the best establishments to grace the silver screen. A pub crawl around all of these would be pretty sweet.

First up its the almost impregnable pub from Shaun Of The Dead – the first film of the very trilogy we are celebrating. The pub is filled with infamous characters, a loaded rifle…and zombies.

1. The Winchester – Shaun Of The Dead

Next up we’re bending the rules already by adding a casino into the mix, but the bar at Circus Circus is truly something to behold especially when you add Hunter S Thompson and Attorney in tow, both out of their minds on hallucinogens.

2. Carousel Bar At Circus Circus – Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

After the glamor and excess of Las Vegas lets take a visit to a rough-as-hell biker bar with big hogs, angry dudes with pool cues, leather jackets…oh and a murderous cyborg from the future.

3. The Corral – Terminator 2: Judgement Day

We couldn’t have a #5FTW about bars without adding Cocktail into the mix, well we could but its a lot of fun to watch the Cruiser in this ‘so bad its good’ classic.

4. Cell Block- Cocktail

So the bartender lived? The bartender never gets killed…nope

5. Tarasco Bar – Desperado

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