Arrested Development is not just beloved in the corridors of this video production company, it’s also perhaps one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and victim of the cruelest of cancellations – Thanks FOX. In honour of its return, here’s a rundown of some of the best moments from the series…so far.

First up its Dr Tobias Fünke, husband of Lindsay, father of Maeby and master of the Freudian slip. Is he in the closet? is he an African American man with a skin condition? One thing is for sure – he’s an excellent Analrapist.

1. Tobias Fünke M.D. – Analrapist

Bonus Tobias moment – this series of gags were too good to pass up

1.a) Tobias Fünke – I Blue Myself

Gob Bluth – a man of many talents, and many suits. There are so many amazing Gob moments to pick from but this classic running gag as got to be up there. COME ON!

2. Gob Bluth – COME ON!

The relationship between Buster and Lucille is one of the standouts of the show and a recent promo for the highly anticipated Season 4 displayed just how weird their dynamic can get. Her are some classic moments from Mother and Boy.

3. Buster & Lucille – Motherboy

With so many actors making cameo appearances on the show its hard to pick out the best, but the re-occurring Carl Weathers stands out – always trying to get a stew going…

4. Carl Weathers – Stew 

Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?

5. The Chicken Dance

A pathetic list I know, but with so many moments to choose from how could you possibly pick just five!? Why not send us your faves @spectrecom? Remember to use the hashtag #5FTW

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