Wednesday this week saw Spectrecom Films taking part in a truly unique event, as quick-fire comedy group the Bright Tones of Kenco spent eight hours improvising songs in our Studio 1, while we shot and live streamed the whole thing.

Staged to promote Kenco’s Millicano Sunlight Blend, the event saw our largest studio transformed into a living room set – the perfect backdrop for the Bright Tones’ musical shenanigans.

Viewers tuning into the live stream were invited to use the hash tag #BrightenMyDay and tweet in, with the boys being challenged to come up with songs based on the content of those tweets.

When the full eight hours had elapsed, the group had delivered an incredible 157 songs, at a quite frankly scary rate of almost 20 songs an hour.

Working alongside agency client Proximity London, we produced and filmed all the action as it happened, and we also had editors on-hand all day, so that each song could be cut and uploaded to the Kenco YouTube channel almost as quickly as it passed from the Tones’ lips.

For an inside peek at what went down on the day, check out the video round-up.

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