We are a creative content agency with digital marketing and video production services in London

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Spectrecom Films is the UK’s largest independent film studio facility and production company

We work with brands, universities, corporations, and charities, delivering award-winning films, long and short-form video and TV/cinema ads tailored to marketing campaigns and social media platforms

With a portfolio of renowned directors and an in-house team of creatives and producers, we offer convenience, cost efficiency, and accountability

Whether your next content campaign needs filming in one of our film studios in London or at any other location around the world, we get great results by offering end-to-end services, from content strategy to video distribution

Awareness Campaign

UK Government Equalities Office + Glasgows

The Government Equalities Office in partnership with Glasgows approached us to produce a film that celebrated the history of the LGBT experience across the UK. 

Studio Facilities and Production

Art Night London

During 2018’s edition of Art Night, artist Cecile B. Evans staged the production of the final episode of her three-part video and installation work in our film studios. Throughout the night, visitors were able to participate in the live taping sessions with set pieces, chroma blue screen, and live performers

University Recruitment Video

Kingston University 

Following on from our incredibly successful 2017 Clearing Marketing Campaign, Kingston University approached us again to create a film for their 2018 university marketing campaign

Charity/Non Profit Documentary Video

Tusk Trust – Conservation Awards

Our crew travelled to Namibia, Gambia, South Africa and Kenya to film five nominees and the amazing work they do, for the Tusk Trust Conservation Award ceremony, on a pro-bono basis.

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