Silent Snacks Today Tix

TodayTix – Silent Snacks

We were approached by Frank PR to produce a film for their client, TodayTix.

Frank PR came to us with an idea to collaborate with a chef to create “Silent Snacks” that would be available to purchase through the TodayTix app, when booking theatre tickets.

Developed with TeaTime Productions, the range of silent foods includes “muffled” chocolate truffles, quiet popcorn bites and lime and mint anti-gas drink.

Produced by Clemence Batram, we sent our creative team off to develop their script and storyboards. We filmed in 4K using two Sony FS7 cameras, with Kieran Hodges and Alex Kerr as camera operators. Dan Jobson directed the shoot and Javier Santaella worked on the animations and graphic designs.

TodayTix have also received press attention with their innovative idea, with the Telegraph and the Independent both running articles on the solution snacks.

TodayTix founder, Merritt Baer, says: “TodayTix wants every audience member to enjoy their theatre experience to the full and so we have found a solution to the common problem of noisy eaters and rustling wrappers.

“By purchasing our one-of-a-kind silent snacks, theatre-goers can enjoy everything London’s theatres have to offer free from distractions.”

Let us know what you think! Will these snacks revolutionise the way we eat in public?

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