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End the Confusion and Save Lives
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Title: End the Confusion and Save Lives

Delivery: Online awareness video

Talent: Creative, storyboarding, animatic, set-build, casting, set-design, make-up, lighting, colourist, audio, post-production

What was the brief?

The Adam Bell Foundation was set up in memory of talented musician Adam Bell, 34, who died from misdiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. The charity aims to raise awareness and save lives.

Type 1 diabetes is lesser known and understood than Type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity, older age groups and a sedentary lifestyle.

The symptoms of Type 1 diabetes include increased thirst, extreme tiredness and blurred vision. If untreated, the complications arising from it can lead to death inside just a few days or weeks.

Having decided to produce its first-ever online video, the Adam Bell Foundation enlisted the assistance of Spectrecom Films. The brief we were given was to create a video that would have impact and encourage viewers to share it widely.

By increasing awareness of Type 1 diabetes in this way, the foundation hoped more people suffering from the disease would recognise the symptoms and seek treatment before their condition worsens.

How did we approach the brief?

The video’s ‘wasteland’ concept was developed by the in-house creative team at Spectrecom Films in tandem with the Adam Bell Foundation.

It depicts a dramatically stylised scene, conveying the feelings of fear and helplessness felt by a young man unknowingly affected by Type 1 diabetes.

To create the scene, a bedroom set was built at Spectrecom Studios. This gave director Peter Ford and the other members of the crew the freedom over lighting and camera angles necessary to capture shots that best reflected the emotional state of the video’s protagonist.

By taking an approach which was more sensory and emotional than prescriptively informational, we aimed to deliver the kind of impact that the Adam Bell Foundation originally requested in the project brief.


In addition to producing the video, Spectrecom also supported the Adam Bell Foundation during its online launch, in order to help ensure its important message reached as wide an audience as possible.

The results have been very positive so far, with over 30,000 YouTube views in two weeks, as well as coverage by a number of media outlets.

“Across the whole process, the guys at Spectrecom really understood us and what we wanted – it was a true partnership, with everyone strongly committed to delivering fantastic work.”

“We particularly valued being involved at all stages, from idea-shaping to casting to post-production. All the team were great and their enthusiasm and strong creativity has resulted in a video we are truly proud of.” 

Helen Rowe, Adam Bell Foundation

To learn more about the Adam Bell Foundation, Adam’s story and Type 1 diabetes, visit


Executive Creative Director: Christiaan Harden
Creatives: Paul Martin
Creative producer: Clemence Bartram
Production company: Spectrecom
Director: Peter Ford
Editor: Matt O’Brien
Colourist: Blake Dixon
Post-production: Spectrecom
Audio: Halo Post Production
Music: Adam Bell
Production Assistant: Laylla Azarbyjani
DOP: Dan Miles
Actor: Jack Clifford
Make-up artist: Monika Swiatek
Camera assistant: Kieran Hodges
Lighting Technician: Laurentiu Maria
Art Director: Rebecca Fisher

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