Financial Services Film




When we were approached to Money20/20, to produce a promotional animation for their first ever event in Europe, we were immediately intrigued.

The prospect of being involved in what is currently the largest financial innovation conference in the US was incredibly exciting and the fact that this prestigious event was expanding and heading to Europe for the first time – well that just made the project even more interesting.

After an initial conversation between Money20/20 and Mark Kershaw, our dedicated financial services account manager, our creative team leapt into action. We needed to think about how best to present Europe’s amazing results.

With London holding more Fintech employees than Silicon Valley and New York combined, massive increases in investment and more than half of the tech unicorns of Europe sitting in the Fintech space, there was a lot to shout about.


Based on existing Money20/20 branding, we decided to approach the brief by mirroring the block colours and animated style already being used across marketing material to form the basis of a bright, vibrant animated info-graphic.

As the film was for use at a conference event in which people would be presented a lot of information in a short space of time, we knew that our approach to the film needed to be bold and eye-catching.

Money20/20 was very clear that the film needed to be fun and engaging rather than corporate and safe, therefore we worked with the Money20/20 team to select visuals and transitions that would be informative, but also attention grabbing.


Working to an extremely tight deadline, we turned brief into video content in less than 3 weeks. By highlighting the results of European Fintechs, as well as the high-quality speakers and sponsors attending the April event in Copenhagen, we produced a film which stands out as an attention-grabbing, eye-catching promotional film.

The film will be showcased this week at Money20/20’s flagship event in Las Vegas, featuring both in and around the conference as well on their YouTube channel and website.

Mark Kershaw is delighted with the result and the blossoming relationship; “Having only just started at Spectrecom, and with a history of dealing with companies in the Fintech space, it was a great feeling to be working with one of the key drivers for innovation in the financial services sector.

As an ex-insurance broker too, it’s great to see some of the most established systems now having to react to the disruptive forces of Fintech around the globe.

Living in London, the centre of global Fintech now, it’s a really exciting time, and working with Money20/20 has given Spectrecom a platform to do more and more work in this space.”