What Was The Brief?

London South Bank University has called on the video production services of Spectrecom several times previously, for a variety of different projects. LSBU got in touch with a brief for a video promoting its Study Abroad programme.

The aim was to convey what makes the university a great choice for those students looking to spend either a semester or a year in London.

The video needed to appeal to the heart, in terms of giving the prospective students themselves a glimpse of the lifestyle they could be enjoying.

At the same time, it needed to make a case for the pastoral and academic support LSBU provides its Study Abroad students, in order to impress other decision-makers such as parents.;

How Did We Approach The Brief?

Our approach was to film with two real-life Study Abroad students, Raphael from Germany and Walden from the USA, showing them enjoying the LSBU experience.

We filmed in LSBU and its surrounding area, highlighting one of the university’s main strengths – its remarkably central location and close proximity to some of the city’s most iconic sites.

Giving the visual treatment an extra level of interest and creativity, we integrated animated elements to several scenes in a very eye-catching way.

The video also includes short sound-bites from Raphael and Walden, offering a more personal perspective on their experiences.