J’etem Ozyay

J’etem Ozyay

Camera / Editor

"The only way to be a general is to work like a soldier"

J’etem is an editor and camera operator who takes great pride in crafting insightful work on behalf of Spectrecom Films’ roster of clients.

J’etem’s entry into the world of film saw him getting as much hands-on experience as possible with a number of different production companies. He soon launched into his own freelance career, making charity, B2B and finance films which told strong stories to their respective audiences.

Now firmly ensconced at Spectrecom, he is relishing the challenge of editing, shooting and directing a varied range of projects. When he gets some free time, he hits the gym or the basketball court, in-between dealing with his mortgage.

"The day I got a job at Spectrecom I felt so proud to be a part of this family of filmmakers. And I still feel so proud to be part of this exciting company."