Award-Winning Charity Campaigns

Spectrecom produce results-driven films, video series and TV advertising campaigns for charities and non-profit organisations right across the UK.

Our work is used to drive fundraising initiatives and raise awareness of crucial issues, from healthcare and education, to animal welfare and the conservation of endangered species.

In just the last few years, our third sector content has been honoured with a dozen prestigious industry awards. We offer a 10% discount to every non-profit organisation too.

RSPCA Assured


We made a series of social media films for RSPCA Assured that informed viewers how to cook those dishes for those special days. They were filmed in our in-house studios, using our own kit, crew and lighting.

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Tusk Trust

Conservation Award Nominee Films

Our crew travelled over Africa to film nominees for the Tusk Trust Conservation Award ceremony, on a pro-bono basis.

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By ensuring no footage is wasted, our specialist content strategies for charities help deliver the maximum return-on-investment for every single marketing penny spent.


Not only does our in-house team develop concepts and campaigns, we create the films, video and TV adverts on-site too. This provides our charity clients with great cost-efficiencies and unrivalled convenience.


Our in-house creative team has developed dozens of original film concepts for leading charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, RSPCA Assured and the Tusk Trust.


We help our clients distribute the content we produce across multiple platforms, including social media, television, Youtube and cinema screens, wherever your audience is most likely to be found


Increase in Staff Positivity

West Kent Customer Services results

West Kent

Since the film’s launch, complaints to West Kent are down 11% and compliments are up 6% as well as a 26% increase in staff positivity.


Increase in Revenue

Tusk Trust Results

Tusk Trust

The first year Tusk was able to make use of the 25th anniversary documentary, it raised £4.2 million in UK revenue – an increase of 55% from 2014.


Increase in Awareness

RSPCA Assured

RSPCA Assured

From May 2015, RSPCA Assured has seen a 69% increase in label awareness, including a 25% growth in general awareness and 30% targeted awareness.


Increase in Collections

Marie Curie Results

Marie Curie

The video we delivered had a dramatic effect: Marie Curie boosted its collector conversion rates from 48% to 52% and deliver a 14% year-on-year increase in collection totals.

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