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Tom Pickard


“A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books”- A. Tarkovsky

Tom is a filmmaker originally from the south coast of England. He produced and directed his first short film ‘Secrets of the Content’ in 2010, which took him to the Cannes Film Festival, where it was part of the Short Film Corner catalogue and was an official nomination at the Emergeandsee Berlin Media Arts Festival. In 2012 he co-wrote and directed ‘Accept’, this was officially selected by the 2013 Raindance Film Festival, Van ‘Or Awards and the American Online Film Awards.

Tom is currently in the post-production stages of a full length documentary covering an independent BMX shop known as ‘The Source’ take on their biggest project yet – to build the world’s biggest underground skatepark underneath the promenade of Hastings seafront inside a space that dates back to the 1800’s and has laid derelict for the past 18 years.

Holding a great passion towards film production, Tom seeks out every factor of the production during the preparation time, feeling out how the story can be told and how each and every element of the filmmaking can be utilised to deliver the narrative seamlessly into the audience’s consciousness.

‘It’s all about trust, if everyone trusts one another and all share the same artistic goal, the project will will succeed’

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