Jerzy Gudjonsson

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Jerzy Gudjonsson

Lighting Technician

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Jerzy was born in Poland but moved to Iceland very young and lived there most of his life. After graduating from the Icelandic Film School he bounced between his favourite departments, camera, lights and grip. After several years in the land of fire and ice he found passion in lighting but also realised that the industry there was simply not big enough and moved to London (in 2012), the Hollywood of Europe as he puts it. Since then his career has taken off like never before, he mostly works on commercials, fashion films and TV shows.

Jerzy also has a passion for motorbikes, especially when it comes to customising them. In fact, he likes to customise a lot of things so he’s always tinkering at something.

“I like to work hard because that way you learn the most and evolve your skills and since I joined the great team at Spectrecom I have never been as busy”

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