Video Editing Finishing Room

Spectrecom’s production studio in Kennington is home to a large post-production facility, multiple video editing suites and a team of skilled in-house editors available for hire. Daily rates are competitive and we never miss a deadline.

Our editors have a wealth of experience in a variety of formats and genres including documentaries, short films, dramas, TV commercials, fundraising promos, virals and corporate video. We always provide the editor with the most relevant experience.

The team combines technical excellence with a deep-seated passion for innovative and narrative storytelling. They produce films and video series that resonate with their audience, truly memorable imagery and unforgettable viewing experiences.

Editing and Post-Production Enquiries & Quotations

To find out more about Spectrecom’s post-production services, arrange a tour of our edit suites film, meet the editors or get a video production quotation, please call on 0203 405 2260 or e-mail

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