At Spectrecom, we have our very own in-house super-slow-motion specialist. He has the tools and the talent to bring show-stopping, high-speed HD video sequences to your next project. It’s probably a lot more affordable than you think too.

We film on a wide range of cameras and formats depending on your requirements and budgets, from Alexas, Phantoms and REDs, to Canon 7Ds and GoPros, both on location throughout Europe and at our London-based film studio complex.

The applications for super-slow-motion are endless, adding both style and substance to many types of films, videos and programming.  And recently, our team spent a day at one the UK’s most popular theme parks filming users experience a brand new ride!

Slow Motion Enquiries & Quotations

To find out more about Spectrecom’s high speed slow-motion filming services, discuss an upcoming project, arrange a studio tour or get a quotation, please call on 0203 405 2260 or e-mail

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