The commercial benefits of high quality video pack shots are beyond doubt. They’re proven to increase sales, boost confidence in purchase decisions, reduce product returns and even increase website conversions.

Because Spectrecom operates a large in-house film studio complex, we’re able to offer very high quality video pack-shots to our clients, at extremely competitive rates. Whatever product you need to showcase, one of our 2 studios will be suitable.

With a range of the latest grip equipment and HD cameras, our production team can guarantee that your product – whatever it is – really stands out from the crowd online. We can even combine filming with a photographic shoot on the same day.

Pack Shot Enquiries & Quotations

To find out more about Spectrecom’s film & video pack shot services, discuss an upcoming project, arrange a studio tour or get a quotation, please call on 0203 405 2260 or e-mail

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