In addition to the production of films and video campaigns, Spectrecom also offers a variety of affordable video hosting packages with content we produce, which makes it incredibly easy for our clients to embed videos anywhere on their websites.

However, not only do we host our client’s video content, we also provide regular viewing reports including actionable behavioural analytics and advise our clients how best to optimise video content they commission for maximum effectiveness.

It can be difficult to predict how a video will perform online and exactly how viewers will engage with your content, but by studying the right metrics and optimising accordingly, extra value can always be squeezed from any video marketing budget.

Hosting & Performance Enquiries & Quotations

To find out more about Spectrecom’s video hosting and performance reporting services, discuss an upcoming project, arrange a studio tour or get a quotation, please call on 0203 405 2260 or e-mail

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