Peter Ellmore

brands | food | tvc

During his 20 years of experience as a Director of Photography, Peter has developed an extensive and thorough knowledge of equipment and techniques and applied these to a wide and varied array of productions. His shooting experience includes: numerous digital and film cameras, operating, motion control, high speed, stop motion, timelapse, miniatures, macro, black and white, pyrotechnics, prosthetics, puppetry, animals, children, food, packshots, liquids, beauty, green/blue screen and VFX.

Peter’s work is often extremely technical, drawing on his experience and solid background in the photography of special effects including stop-motion, compositing and use of motion control. He has been involved in projects that utilise a combination of many shooting techniques where a full understanding of all processes and post production work-flow is essential.

Peter’s body of work encompasses feature films, short films, documentaries and over 100 commercials.







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