Luca Rocchini

brands | charity | drama | documentary | promos

Luca Rocchini is an award-winning director of photography and camera operator based in London, UK. He has also bases in Florence, Italy and Dublin, Ireland, where he graduated specialising in cinematography at the National Film School.

Since 2005, Luca has kept an eclectic attitude shooting a variety of dramas, documentaries, commercials, promos, series, comedies and video installations. He has often filmed abroad for commercial, broadcast, charity, international and national state funded productions. Many of his collaborations have screened and won awards in festivals around the world; He achieved the WORLD CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2011 and the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD at the Nohemi/Kodak Encounter Film Festival 2010.

Broadly varying and mixing styles, from the most sophisticated to the raw and experimental ones, Luca is open to look for the right tools to approach each different project; He is an experienced operator of hi-end digital and film cameras like ARRI, RED, CANON, SONY and BLACKMAGIC. He believes in closely collaborating with the director in order to achieve the most appropriate and effective look.







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