Christopher Heary

Christopher Heary

TVC | brand | music | fashion | food

DEADBUG is Christopher Heary, former Graffiti artist and DJ who gained attention directing music videos for Hip Hop acts T.I, Rammellzee & N*E*R*D before moving advertising and branding and eventually long form, creating and Directing programming for MTV, BBC and BSKYB.

His portfolio includes projects based the U.K and across the world’s top agencies, brands, recording artists and channels, earning numerous awards and worldwide exposure including feature films. Working in Japan & Asia for 4 years, collaborating with Japanese director Keiji Inafune on CAPCOM feature “Zombrex Dead Sun Rising” to music promos for major global artists (Pharrell Williams-Happy) fashion brands (launching Victoria’s Secret summer campaign), Iconic Ads (PORSCHE) and RTS award winning series (BBC’s Bizarre E.R).

Recently directing several popular cooking and lifestyle programs for the Food Network and re-boot of 80’s iconic puppet series Spitting image that add to his list of long form credits that include MTV Real World, Soccer A.M, Co-creator and director of BBC’s Bizarre E.R . An art college background has given Christopher a creative confidence for non-lateral thinking.







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