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Ajay is a Photographer, Technical Director & Director of Photography that has been specialising in Chroma Key and live action CG integration for over 10 years. He has worked on feature films, commercials and campaigns delivering emotive stills, realistic composites, CG, Timelapse, VR, and Motion Control. His noteable past clients include Lebara Mobile, Chivas, United Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Westmill, Johny Walker, Changi Airport, Nurofen, EE, Arik Airlines, X Factor, MNM, Visit Scotland and Hori Pro.

Ajay is a meticulous individual who is very much hands on with the creation of his films and his job isn’t over until the client is happy. As a Technical Director and photographer his strength is visualising and reverse engineering shots that require heavy post production. Ajay is first and foremost a storyteller, so no matter the shot his aim is to communicate some emotion or feeling to the spectator, this drive to create visuals that have meaning is what sets him apart from purely technical approaches to chroma key shoots. When Ajay is involved from the concept to final delivery you can be assured that results will feel real and performances will be natural.



Lebara Mobile



Lebara Mobile



Lebara Mobile 




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Lebara Mobile


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