Our Charity Experience

Spectrecom’s in-house creative team produce results-driven charity film productionsfundraising films, films that raise awareness and TV adverts.

We’re proud of our extensive experience filming with vulnerable contributors in sensitive situations, explaining the steps we take to ensure such shoots not only deliver outstanding video content but also a positive experience for those we film with.

We’ve worked for over 25 UK charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support, the RSPCA, the National Trust, the Mental Health Foundation & the BBC’s Children in Need. We’ve also worked extensively with smaller organisations, like Choice Support, Livability and the Adam Bell Foundation, helping them achieve some great results.

We work with many charities on many different types of project. Often this involves filming with contributors who have particularly sensitive circumstances.

Our crews, for instance, have previously filmed with contributors affected by cancer, serious brain injuries, autism, mental health issues and historic substance abuse problems. They have ranged in age from the elderly to very young children.

When filming with potentially vulnerable contributors, we prefer where possible to speak to them on the phone ahead of shooting, in order to introduce the team and talk them through what we’ll be filming.

We find this helps put contributors at ease, making the filming process easier and more enjoyable overall.

Effective Charity Videos

Good charity marketing is all about results. So… in addition to producing memorable films and engaging video campaigns, we also help our clients promote and seed their content online, ensuring it reaches the desired target audiences, changes behaviours and delivers genuine return-on-investment.

The films and charity marketing campaigns we’ve produced have helped our non-profit clients to raise awareness, hit fundraising targets, change perceptions, win over new supporters and even influence government policy!

We offer a 15% discount to all UK-registered charities too.

Marketing & Communications for Charities

Unlike other production companies, to help our charity clients save money, we also provide consultancy services, including media planning and long-term, results-driven video content strategies.

Dedicated Account Manager, Dulcie Norris, is solely dedicated to managing relations with our charity clients, ensuring they receive the best service and see the maximum possible returns on their investment.

Dulcie Norris
Account Manager

T: 0203 096 2865
E: dulcie@spectrecom.co.uk


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