Branded promotional films, web virals, visual PR stunts and sponsored video content are all highly effective ways to get a company, brand or charity noticed – and most importantly remembered – for all the right reasons.

Spectrecom’s in-house production team has played a role in many organisations’ branding and PR strategies, from small charities and start-up businesses, to global brands and some of the UK’s leading creative agencies, conceiving, developing and delivering successful ideas – with proven results.

Branding & PR Video Case Studies – EasyJet & Guinness

On behalf of the Beattie Group, our creative team produced a short film for EasyJet to promote their new flexible holiday offerings, featuring contortionist Rubber Richie. Filmed in just 2 hours, it’s received nearly 100,000 views online. We also produced a viral video for Guinness in conjunction with Cybercom to promote the 2012 Rugby 6 Nations. That too has received over 100,000 views.

[quote]We were really impressed by the standard of work by the whole team at Spectrecom. The facilities include everything you could need and the whole team is very talented and extremely helpful. I was impressed by the effort put in by everyone. With their help we’ve produced something brilliant that we can be very proud of and Guinness are really happy.[/quote]

Daragh Anglim, Account Director, Cybercom / Guinness

Film & Video Production Enquiries & Quotations

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