It’s a good question and one hopefully not uttered aloud too often by Spectrecom’s clients. But should you want to know the answer, we’ve just added a new page to the website showing where we’ve been and where we’re at.

The new page is called ‘Where on Earth are our crew?’, aptly enough, and you can check it out here.


It’s only been up and operational for a few weeks. But it already stands as testament to the recent far-flung adventures of our family of resident filmmakers.

For starters there was James Adair and Matt O’Brien, taking care of business in India on behalf of the British Council.

Next came Chris Karageorgiou and Eduardo Vento’s adventures in Sweden, documenting the future of eco-efficient automobile manufacturing as part of a new series for Imperial College London.

And then there was Arthur Briggs and James Adair, who got to spend some time in a very snowy Big Apple, once again carrying out filming duties for the British Council.

Where is our Film Crew at?

None of those projects have been released as yet, but you can see the results of a prior Spectrecom visit to NYC at the top of this post, produced on behalf of Amex Invites.

Spectrecom Films is a video production company that works closely with leading brands, agencies, charities and universities.

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