The kind of video production work we’re being asked to produce for our university clients is constantly evolving. So while it still encompasses student recruitment films, we’re also delivering many other types of video content, including in-depth research documentaries.

One of the most recent research films we’ve worked on is ‘GOTO: Water Management & Markets’.

To explain a little about GOTO: it stands for ‘Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford’, and it’s an action-oriented problem-solving community which has been running at Oxford’s Saïd Business School since 2012.

Previous topics covered by GOTO include big data. But for this year’s programme, SBS teamed up with Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and Environment to create a term-long course on water management and markets.

A timely topic, certainly, and one which perfectly fits with the themes of threat and opportunity.

Spectrecom was asked to create three films in all for GOTO – two short research-themed pieces, featuring Professors Gordon Clark and Ian Thompson, and a 10-minute documentary which offers an overview of the subject as a whole.

That documentary is the film at the top of this page.

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