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Chuckie McEwan

Chuckie McEwan


Hi Everybody!

Great news! We’ve managed to find ourselves a brand new producer in the form of Chuckie McEwan.

Currently, in the role of Acting Head of Production, we managed to grab Chuckie in between phone calls, scheduling shoots and sorting out mile-high piles of expense forms for filmmakers’ Tesco Meal Deals (life of a producer yo), to find out a little more about her.

This is what she hurriedly told us before promptly front-flipping back into her seat and hammering the keyboard once more…

”I am a London-based producer with 10 years experience in; live-action, animation, VFX, documentary, commercial, broadcast, feature film and more. My career highlight to date is an animated children’s series, The Pixelarity, produced in 2016 for Maker Studios, Disney. The Pixelarity was aired in 36 countries on Disney XD and has over 8 million combined YouTube views. In 2017, The Pixelarity was nominated for Best Digital Children’s Content at The Broadcast Digital Awards.

In addition to making films, I have spent much time teaching on the subject. I am an associate lecturer in production on MA Film at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. At UAL, I have also run a number of short courses annually, some for students from all over the world, others for London-based 16-17yr olds with barriers to learning.

In my spare time, I love to watch movies and listen to podcasts. South-East London has always been home, so I can usually be found there. My ideal weekend is cooking a delicious meal for my wonderful friends.

Spectrecom is a great place to work, Spectrecom offers an end to end in-house solution, with talented, enthusiastic staff, an exciting client-base, and excellent facilities. There is plenty of room for ideas, and the team are always ready to jump in to support each other. For the future, I’m focused on creatively engaging with meaningful ideas, exploring new technologies and platforms, and facilitating ground-breaking, original content.”

Cool story, bro! We look forward to producing some awesome content with you.

Ryan Goodge

Creative Scriptwriter



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