Though there are plenty of keen cyclists amongst the Spectrecom Films team, it’s not often they get to combine their passion for two-wheeled trundling with their video production duties. However, our recent collaboration with Cycle Alert has just proved a glorious exception to that rule.

Cycle Alert is an ingeniously simple system, designed to make roads safer for cyclists and life less stressful for the drivers of LGVs, buses and coaches.

Cyclists simply need fit a tag to the handlebars of their bike and… hey, hang on. We could explain this to you, but it’d be easier if you just watch the short animation we’ve produced outlining how Cycle Alert works in simple, engaging terms.

Cycle Alert has a sister system called Operative Alert, aimed at depot controllers and construction site employees. Here’s another cut of the Cycle Alert animation which includes an extra section introducing Operative Alert.

Spectrecom Films regularly creates fantastic animated content for our clients. Take a look at our Agency page and accompanying sizzle reel to see just a few examples of our expertise in animation.

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