What’s in a name? Yes, Spectrecom is a cheeky reference to an iconic and villainous Bond organisation. But what does it really mean?

In 1993, the name meant little more than the trading name under which our Managing Director, Andrew Greener, created corporate films and passion projects. After considerable success as a sole concern, Andrew then began to expand the business. His trusted university comrades, Sarah Aynesworth and Steve Milton, joined him in 2005 and they set up a formal limited company. That’s where things really started to take off.

From our single studio outfit in Deptford to the full blown TV, Film and studio complex and video operation we have in London today, things have gone from strength to strength. It’s been a long, arduous yet incredibly rewarding journey, and we are very proud of the experience, growth and quality of work that our name now represents.

Today, Spectrecom means a fully integrated studio, equipment and film production operation in London. The unique business model is reminiscent, albeit in microcosm, of the Hollywood studio operations of the 1920’s-1950’s, where creative drive, film output and production services could be found in one place and under one management.

Spectrecom means more than 40 filmmakers creating daring and effective films. We’re constantly developing insight and pushing creativity across our four key areas of expertise; charity, finance, education and agency/studio.

The best part is – we’ve only just started. We’re ambitious and growing rapidly. We’re constantly finding out new things about ourselves and with each year our name takes on greater meaning still.